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FacilitiesExtensive paddocks with excellent grass

Lavington Stud boasts facilities which are unrivalled on the South Coast. With 340 acres of safe, railed, grassland paddocks in a stunning parkland setting, the Stud provides the luxury of space in a uniquely tranquil and sheltered environment.

Lavington Stud's position at the foot of the South Downs offers an ideal location for breeding and rearing horses. The extensive paddocks are based on chalk, clay and greensand and are fed by natural spring water fresh from the Downs, providing acres of high quality, established grassland. Paddocks are sheltered by hedges providing a balmy and temperate environment - and, although easily accessible, the Stud is not near any main roads ensuring that horses are undisturbed by the hum of traffic and other noises. Foals thrive on the old, established grassland.

Paddock management is a crucial element in the Lavington Stud operation. The 15 miles of post and rail, and additional four miles of traditional park fencing are meticulously well kept. Scrupulously-maintained boxes

The size of the Stud also means there is plenty of space. This allows weanlings and yearlings to have their own large dedicated paddocks separate from the main stud. Paddocks are never over-used, each paddock is rested for at least 6 months a year and sheep are grazed in the Autumn. The paddock vacuum cleaner is extensively used to remove droppings. The soil and grass analyses are undertaken on a regular basis in order to keep the quality grassland in tip top condition.


There are six yards in total with 140 spacious boxes, including a foaling yard for mares and foals, a barren and maiden yard, yearling yard, and a horses out of training yard. The main yard comprises 50 larger-than-average boxes - and all are scrupulously maintained.

Although Lavington Stud is undeniably picturesque, the air of old-world charm is deceptive. Lavington boasts state-of-the art facilities including CCTV, (monitored 24 hours a day) in foaling boxes and relayed to the adjacent Stud Groom's house. The stud also has two all-weather paddocks which are drained and surfaced with rubberised sand and silica.

The office is fully computerised, and any information relating to the horses can be accessed quickly at the touch of a button. Any paperwork relating to registering mares/foals, sales entry forms etc can be completed on the owner's behalf. Lavington Stud's aim is to provide a hassle free, full service for the owner and horse.